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A Little About Ando Japanese Restaurant...

Since 1998, Ando has been bringing some of the best Japanese cuisine to the Greater Cincinnati area.

We are a small, family run restaurant, and we believe that is part of the reason we see so many familiar faces coming in again and again. When you walk in the door to our restaurant, just as in Japan, the first thing you hear is “Irrashimase!” This means “Welcome!” - and we really mean it! We love giving everyone who visits us an enlightening, personalized dining experience they will not soon forget, and so we are genuinely happy you are here!

Japanese food is a cuisine rich in tradition and especially unique flavor. Many people are under the impression that Japanese food (particularly sushi) is all raw fish. Japan is an island nation, so it makes sense that seafood makes up a majority of the Japanese diet, but Japanese cuisine is so much more than sushi and seafood! Our menu at Ando Japanese Restaurant is very extensive and changes regularly with the seasons to ensure all ingredients are at their peak, and because we love continually offering new and different dishes for our guests' enjoyment. We take great pride in offering our guests a wide variety of dishes that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the Cincinnati area, as well as all the Japanese favorites you may already be familiar with. Whether you are a sushi lover who feels they have tried it all, a strict vegetarian, or someone who would prefer a steak to a slice of tuna any day of the week, please believe us when we say that you are guaranteed to find something for everyone here!

What types of exclusive dishes to we have offer? Just have a look at our menu so you can see for yourself! There are descriptions for all the dishes (with pictures coming soon!) but be sure to check out the “Special Japanese Appetizers” section near the bottom of the menu. This is where you will find some of the most unique and traditional dishes we prepare. There are also special sushi items that fall outside of what you may be used to ordering, but have no fear, it's part of the adventure! We are happy to explain anything on the menu so don't hesitate to ask. It shouldn't be mysterious, just delicious, so ask away, because we love finding out your specific tastes and recommending something perfect for you! You are sure to find many new things you've never seen before, and your visit might even change the way you think about Japanese food....forever.

Give us a call to make a reservation today, eat some new and exciting food, and make some new friends!

Owners Ken and Keiko Ando
Owners Ken and Keiko Ando

Chiaki Ando ant Sushi Bar
Chiaki Ando at the Sushi Bar

Ando Sushi Bar
The Sushi Bar

Ando Sushi Bar Cincinnati 20th Anniversary


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