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Our Heart and Soul...

Please take some time to explore our Menu. When you just can't take it anymore, we hope you'll visit us in person for an authentic taste of Japan!
And while you are here, please don't forget to ask your server about our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu. It is full of varied and unique dishes
that one could consider Japanese comfort food. Our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu changes daily, so it is not kept current here on the
Please remember, we don't sell alcohol, but you are encouraged to bring
your own alcoholic beverage of choice. We'll keep it cool, and keep your glasses full!

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*Note: Menu prices are subject to change*

matcha mascarpone cheesecake
Matcha Vanilla Mousse Layer cake

Matcha Vanilla Mousse Layer cake
Buta Bara Nikomi (豚バラ煮物)

We're just getting started....



Specials beginning Saturday June 25th 2022

This week back from vacation has been a good one! I have seen a lot of familiar faces around. Exceptionally good fish today from Japan. We are excited to you this weekend!

Isaki/Threeline Grunt
Aosoi/Grey Rockfish
Sagoshi/Spanish Mackerel
Matsugawa Karei/Barfin Flounder

Japanese Smoked Salmon Crudo*GF
Salmon, cured and smoked in house, sashimi sliced and served with garlic-olive oil marinated onion. Available in personal or shareable portion
Tako Wasa (たこわさ)
Raw octopus cut into small pieces and mixed with wasabi root. Served as tapas portion
Smoked Tai Kama Yaki (鯛カマの 焼き) *GF
Red Snapper collar lightly cured and smoked. Grilled over charcoal. Served with bone. (available as a main in bento box)
Mombetsu Satsuma Age (紋別市さつま揚げ)
Special fried fish cake from Mombetsu city in Hokkaido. Soft and slightly sweet, with a pleasant chewiness and charcoal grilled skin. Served with fresh ginger and soy sauce
Ika Sugatayaki (烏賊姿)
A whole squid marinated in a ginger soy sauce OR lightly salted and grilled over charcoal

Gyupon (牛ポン)
A seared strip of sirloin steak served cold with chopped scallions, spicy grated daikon radish and ponzu dipping sauce
Buta Bara Nikomi (豚バラ煮物)
Tender pork belly braised in a robustly flavored soy sauce. Served au jus with Japanese mustard
Tori Shio Koji (鳥塩こじ)
Flavorful, chicken thigh meat marinated in a fermented rice mixture, enhancing the umami flavor and tenderness

Matcha Mascarpone Cheesecake
Dense and delectable cheese made with Italian cheese and supreme quality, Japanese green tea set atop a buttery shortcrust
Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
Smooth and luscious cheesecake made with Italian cheese, dark chocolate, and bourbon vanilla beans set atop a buttery, cookie crust
House-Made Ice Cream *D*GF
Brown Sugar (黒糖)
Vanilla Berry Ice Cream

 (和菓子) *Vg *GF
Sasa Mochi 笹餅
Bamboo wrapped mochi
Sakura Mochi (桜餅)
Red bean filled glutinous rice cake wrapped in a seasoned cherry tree leaf
Kokuto Manju (黒糖饅頭)
Japanese brown sugar cake filled with smooth, creamy red bean paste
Mizu Manju (水まんじゅう)
Red bean paste encased in a clear jelly
Adzuki Daifuku (大福餅) A delightful chewy rice cake filled with sweetened red adzuki bean paste

5889 Pfeiffer Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242
For reservations & info call:
(513) 791-8687 

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