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Our Heart and Soul...

Please take some time to explore our Menu. When you just can't take it anymore, we hope you'll visit us in person for an authentic taste of Japan!
And while you are here, please don't forget to ask your server about our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu. It is full of varied and unique dishes
that one could consider Japanese comfort food. Our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu changes daily, so it is not kept current here on the

Please note, as of February 14th 2023 we will be selling alcohol!

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*Note: Menu prices are subject to change

gyu gobo maki

Gyu Gobo Maki

Favorite Sashimi

Beautiful sashimi presentation with some of the favorites. Otoro, benitoro, hiramasa, and a beautiful Aji roll with negi and watermelon radish

Matcha tiramisu

Matcha Tiramisu
(抹茶 ティラミスケーキ)*D
Smooth creamy matcha mascarpone mousse layered in between fluffy matcha soaked sponge cake

We're just getting started....


We are pleased to announce that we now have our liquor license, and we are now serving beer, wine and sake!

This week's specials beginning Friday February 16th 2024

Beautiful fish tonight. The Sayori/halfbeak fish is limited and the Bluefin tuna is fantastic, with wonderful marbling. Take care this weekend everyone and hope to see you soon!

Toro/Fatty Tuna
Medai/ Bluenose
Renkodai/ Young Snapper
Suzuki/Sea Bass
Iwana/Arctic Char
Uni/ Sea Urchin

Asazuke $7.00
(キャベツの浅漬け) *GF *Vg
Tender cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and eggplant pickled with  salt, konbu/kelp, and dried chili peppers
Yaki Shiitake     $12.95
Fragrant shiitake mushrooms lightly marinated in a house soy-dashi stock and grilled over charcoal

Smoked Salmon and Scallop Mille-Feuille $
Smoked in house salmon and Hokkaido scallops layered with avocado and ikura paired with mousseline sauce
Namadako Kara Age     $12.95
Bite sized pieces of raw octopus, coated in seasoned breading, and flash fried to a golden crisp
Sake Shio Koji Yaki $17.95
Scottish Salmon fillet marinated in salted sake starter and grilled over charcoal
Tai Arani $11.95
Snapper collar and burdock root slow simmered in a rich ginger-soy broth. Served with bone

Kamo Rosu    $13.95
Tender duck breast seared and then steamed in a sake soy marinade. Served thinly sliced
Buta Bara Misozuke Kushiyaki   $13.95
(豚バラのみそ漬け串 焼き)
Two charcoal grilled skewers of scallions and Berkshire pork belly marinated in sweet red miso sauce
Beef Amiyaki  $18.50
Angus NY strip sliced thinly and seared over fire on a net “ami” pattern grill. Served medium rare with yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus and peppercorn paste)
Butabara Gobo Maki $10.50
Thinly sliced pork belly rolled around fresh burdock root and braised in a flavorful soy sauce

Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme
(チョコレートのクレームブリュレ) *D
Baked custard made with local, pasture-raised egg and robust dark chocolate
Chocolate Dome Cake
Dark chocolate Bavarois, berry mousse and chocolate sponge cake, with white chocolate glacage
Matcha Tart (抹茶 タルト)*D
Green tea cheese custard set a top a buttery flaky crust. Served a la mode
House-Made Ice Cream
 (アイスクリーム)  *D
*all ice cream made with pasture-raised, local egg and fresh cream
Brown Sugar (黒糖)
Strawberry Cookies and Cream *GF*
Sasa Mochi  (笹餅) *Vg *GF
Bamboo leaf wrapped mochi with red bean
Sakura Mochi (桜餅) *Vg *GF
Two pieces of red bean filled glutinous rice cake wrapped in a seasoned cherry tree leaf
Adzuki Daifuku (大福餅)*VG *GF
A delightful chewy rice cake speckled with red adzuki beans and filled with sweetened red adzuki bean paste

11255 Reed Hartman HWY
Cincinnati, OH
(Blue Ash)
For reservations & info call:
(513) 954-0041

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