Starting from September 6th, we will be closed lunches. We will be open for dinner with our regular hours. We apologize for any inconveniences and disappointments
of this decision, but must do so in order to maintain the highest quality of food and service. To our loyal regulars and customers, thank you for your continued support. 
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Our Heart and Soul...

Please take some time to explore our Menu. When you just can't take it anymore, we hope you'll visit us in person for an authentic taste of Japan!
And while you are here, please don't forget to ask your server about our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu. It is full of varied and unique dishes
that one could consider Japanese comfort food. Our Special Japanese Appetizer Menu changes daily, so it is not kept current here on the
Please remember, we don't sell alcohol, but you are encouraged to bring
your own alcoholic beverage of choice. We'll keep it cool, and keep your glasses full!

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*Note: Menu prices are subject to change*

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Be Sure To Try Our Gourmet Desserts

Made From Scratch Gourmet Desserts

We promise you won't be disappointed!

-Green Tea/Matcha
-Adzuki/Red Bean
-Kuro Goma/Black Sesame
-Mango Sorbet
-Brown Sugar Ice Cream (Homemade, thick, dense dark brown sugar, French style ice cream)

-Sasamochi (Pureed redbean nestled inside a chewy, green, mugowort flavored mochi wrapped inside bamboo leaves)
-Kashiwa Mochi (Sweetened red bean surrounded by a chewy, green mugwort flavored mochi and wrapped with an oak leaf)
-Sakura Mochi (Red bean puree centered in a pink mochi layer wrapped in an edible, aromatic cherry leaf)
-Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream (Strawberry Ice cream nestled inside chewy, glutinous rice dough)

 Current Special Dishes Beginning

Friday September 23rd, 2016

   sushi bars cincinnati    A Fine Piece Of Fish At Ando's Shushi Bar in Cincinnati    sushi bars cincinnati appetizer  

Uni (Sea Urchin, from California, light yellow to orange but sweet and creamy texture)
Iwana (Arctic Char, from Iceland; rich orange color and buttery in texture)
Tai (Snapper, from Japan; white, lean fish and resilient, clean flavor and texture)
Kanpachi (Amberjack, from Japan, white fattier fish, creamy yet firm in texture)
Aji (Horse Mackerel, from Fukuoka Japan, blue-skinned fish stronger flavor with delicate, soft texture)


Nerigo (Young Amberjack)
Kintoki (Red Big Eye)
Yazu (Young Yellowtail)
Aji (Horse Mackerel)

Thick, Japanese style curry with pork and vegetables. Served with rice and a choice of Panko-breaded pumpkin croquettes, beef and onion patties, a pork loin cutlet, a chicken thigh cutlet, or four pieces of shrimp


-Gobo Kinpira (Sautéed thin strips of burdock root and carrot seasoned with sesame and a soy-fish stock)
-Kabocha Fukumeni (Artfully carved Japanese pumpkin simmered in a light broth)
-Kabocha Korokke (Japanese pumpkin and potato croquettes panko breaded and deep-fried)
-Mozoku Su (A tapas portion of dark seaweed in a tangy, ginger/vinegar brine)
-Yaki Nasu/Shigiyaki (Japanese eggplant either grilled and served with shaved bonito OR flash fried and baked with a miso glaze)
-Shishito Shogayaki/Agebitashi (Japanese mild green peppers served either marinated and grilled OR flash fried and served in a light dashi broth)
-Shimeji/Enoki Foil Yaki (Customer’s choice of Beech mushroom or enoki mushroom wrapped in foil with butter and salt and steamed)
-Shimeji/Enoki Tempura (Customer’s choice of both or each of the mushrooms battered and lightly fried)

-Toro Aburi (Bluefin fatty tuna grilled over charcoal and served still rare)
-Kaki Furai/ Yaki Kaki: 6 pieces of panko breaded and deep-fried oysters OR Pacific oysters grilled on the half shell (sold individually)
-Maguro Shigureni (Bite sized pieces of bigeye tuna slow simmered in a rich soy ginger stock)
-Maguro Sanshyo (Tuna marinated in a peppercorn soy sauce, grilled, and tossed with olive oil and onions)
-Saba or Sanma Shioyaki (Lightly salted Mackerel fillet or whole Saury Pike grilled and served with freshly grated daikon radish)
-Gindara Saikyo (Black cod marinated in a miso sauce and grilled)
-Hamachi Kama Shioyaki (Yellowtail collar salted and grilled to a buttery perfection)

-Menchi Katsu (Chopped beef and onion patty panko breaded and deep-fried, served with shredded cabbage or curry style)
-Butabara Nikomi (Tender braised pork belly served au jus in a ginger soy sauce; available donburi style)
-Gobo Butababra Maki (Hearty burdock root wrapped in a thin layer of bacon, seared, and simmered in a light sauce)

-Matcha Mascarpone Cheesecake (Green tea and mascarpone combine to make a dense, yet creamy cheesecake with a buttery crust)