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Since 1998, Ando Japanese Restaurant has been preparing delicious, authentic Japanese  cuisine straight from the heart. You can get all your favorite items from the sushi bar, or get adventurous with truly authentic items from our special appetizer menu. We take pride in serving a multitude traditional favorites from Japan that just can't be found anywhere else in the Cincinnati area. 

Specials and menu items change daily, so we can take advantage of seasonal ingredients and serve only the freshest food. Our menu is extensive and we are sure you will find something for everyone's taste, whether you are a sushi bar regular or could just go for a steak. Of course we are also vegetarian friendly. Our staff makes every effort to be as helpful as possible, and even if you are unfamiliar with Japanese food we are happy to answer any questions, or make recommendations. Just ask!

We do not serve alcohol, but you are absolutely welcome to bring your own! We are happy to chill and serve your drinks while you enjoy your meal. There's no "corking fee" and it's a great way to save money!

Be sure to save room for dessert as well. Our specialty desserts are delightful and are all made from scratch right here in our kitchen. The dessert menu changes regulary but rest assured, there will always be a gourmet treat to tickle your tastebuds.

Please call us at 513-791-8687 to make reservations. We promise you will eat some great food and make some new friends!



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"See you soon!"   - Ken & Keiko Ando



We will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). Due to illness, we have chosen to keep our employees and customers safe by taking this time out to recover. We will reopen Friday 11/26 with our normal hours. Thank you so much for your understanding and have a wonderful holiday.

Itoyori dai/threadfin Bream
Mako Garei/ Marbled Sole
Sagoshi/Spanish Mackerel
Fukko/Sea Bass
Aji/Horse Mackerel
Kasu Jiru  (粕潮汁) $6.50
Housemade soup made with thinly sliced carrot, daikon, shiitake, and fried tofu skin in a creamy broth made with sake lees. *Available in place of miso soup with meal (+$3)

Hotate KasumisoYaki $16
Large Hokkaido scallops marinated in sake lee miso sauce and grilled
Ika Sugatayaki $13.95
A whole squid marinated in a soy ginger sauce OR lightly salted and grilled over charcoal
Geso Nanban Age $10.00
Squid tentacles battered and deep fried to a golden crisp and tossed with a tangy sauce
Smoked Salmon Crudo
$32/full  $16/half
Salmon, cured and smoked in house, sashimi sliced and served with garlic-olive oil marinated onion. Available in personal or shareable portion
Tako Wasa (たこわさ) $7.75
Raw octopus cut into small pieces and mixed with wasabi root. Served as tapas portion

Buta Bara Shio Koji  $13.95
(豚バラ塩麹) *GF
Two charcoal grilled skewers of scallions and fatty pork belly marinated in a sake starter
Buta Bara Nikomi $21.50
Tender pork belly braised in a dark brown sugar-soy stock. Served au jus with Japanese mustard and a soft boiled egg
Nasu Shigiyaki   $10.95
(なすのしぎ焼) *Vg*GF
Sliced rounds of Asian eggplant broiled with a spread of lightly sweetened, red miso sauce (available as a side in bento box)
Yasai Korokke $8.95
Vegetable croquettes made with potato, caramelized onion, asparagus, carrot, and corn panko breaded and deep fried
Shiitake Foil yaki   $12.95
(椎茸フイル焼き) *Veg *D
Fresh, flavorful shiitake mushrooms seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and a slab of butter, then steamed in a foil pouch
Renkon Kinpira $10.75
Fresh, crisp lotus root sliced thinly and sautéed with sesame and a splash of sweet soy sauce
Yamaimo Ume-Ae     $7.50
 (山芋の梅和え) *Vg
Sticky mountain yam cut into sticks with the addition of sour pickled plum. Tapas portion
Rapini Karashijoyu $7.50
(ラピニのカラシ醤油) *Vg
Fresh rapini greens blanched, chilled, and served with a spicy mustard and soy sauce dressing

Espresso Mascarpone Cheesecake
(エスプレッソチーズケーキ) *D
Smooth, creamy cheesecake made with Italian cheese and supreme quality, dark roasted espresso beans set atop a buttery shortcrust
Matcha Mascarpone Cheesecake
Dense and delectable cheese made with Italian cheese and supreme quality, Japanese green tea set atop a buttery shortcrust
 (和菓子) *Vg *GF
Sakura Mochi (桜餅)
Red bean filled glutinous rice cake wrapped in a seasoned cherry tree leaf
Kokuto Manju (黒糖饅頭)
Japanese brown sugar cake filled with smooth, creamy red bean paste
Sasa Mochi 笹餅(Bamboo wrapped mochi)

5889 Pfeiffer Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242
For reservations & info call:
(513) 791-8687 

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